Studio equipment and mentoring


I have had a lot of photographers ask me what gear I use and what lighting etc. So I have decided to compile a couple quick kits showing exactly what I use! Feel free to browse them as I swear by everything listed!

I also added a small list of ideas for new mothers!



I offer a couple options for mentoring. 

-The first option is per session. If you just want to learn a specific thing than per session is a great option. It covers up to 3 topics in general or 1 topic in depth. It is $199 for the first hour and $99 per hour afterwards (per session).

- The second is a mini mentoring class. The mini mentoring class covers the beginner basics such as basic lighting, basic camera functions, basic posing, basic safety precautions for newborns, and general editing (Photoshop and Lightroom). It is a 4 hour long class and costs $399.

-The third is a full mentor class. It includes everything the mini does except more in depth plus about running a business. It is 3 days (5-6 hours each) and includes your lunch. The cost is $899

- The fourth is my more long term mentoring. It is month to month and includes real live client experiences (no set amount of models as the clients have to consent to it). A minimum of 4 meetings of teaching per month. It also includes being able to e-mail me anytime with questions. The teaching will include everything about photography and running a successful business. The cost is $999 per month.

If you are ready to learn and invest in YOURSELF to grow a sustainable business than let's get you started!  Please feel free to ask any questions about my packages and I hope to help you grow! 

I offer payment plans on everything except the monthly mentoring. Once paid in full we will schedule your session! 

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