Why should I hire a birth photographer?

As the concept of birth photography becomes more and more popular, it  is sparkings a lot of questions. The most common question we get is: “Why should I hire a birth photographer?”

During the birth process, everything is so chaotic (and painful) that you miss all many of the little moments that occur that day. Birth photographers are there to help you remember your experience, and to be able to help you look back and enjoy seeing this special day unfold. The memories created on that day are going to be are cherished stories you cannot just tell your child, but show your child. How great is it would it be if you had photos to have photographs to accompany your memories? go along with them? We want to capture all of the emotion and love that you have for your child. . They will look back on these photos and have no doubt that they are loved.

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A lot of people don’t think that birth photographers are needed. They think the father can just take photos throughout the birthing process. He could do this, of course, but think about it a little bit. Do you want him snapping away, or do you want him to be focused on helping you breathe and holding your hand, cutting the cord, etc.? (Or he can’t get the photos because he’s taking part in those events). Not to mention, if he’s taking pictures, he’s missing out on the experience. Plus, he’d be missing from the photographs.  And, he won’t be able to be a part of the photographs.

When we are hired to take your photos, we will capture the two of you together in this process. We will get the emotion between the two of you and all the little moments and details in an artistic manner. You don’t have to worry about a thing – we’ve got you covered!

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