Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Photography

1.     When should I book my birth photographer?

I typically will not book more than 2 two or 3 three sessions within a particular month. This is to make sure that I have the availability to accommodate your birth. You should contact us as soon as you have a due date so we can tentatively block out that time for you. We will finalize details during the beginning of your second trimester. It’s never too late to ask, though, so if you are further along than this, you can still check in with us to see if we have anything open.

2.     Do you offer maternity and newborn sessions too?

Yes, we do. 

3.     Do you use your flash during our birth?

I bring it along just in case, but make every effort not to use it. If I do have to use it, I will check with you first and I will stand much further back and bounce it so I’m not flashing you or the your precious little baby in the face. It is a very rare occasion that I have to use it , as I prefer natural lighting in this situation. If the lighting conditions are bad and cannot be adjusted in the hospital, I can compensate in my camera without using flash, but it will result with your images being grainier. 

4.     Do I need a professional to take the photos? Can’t one of my family members just do it?

We’ve written a great blog article on this subject!

5.     Do you shoot in color or black and white?

I shoot in color, however, most of my post-processing for birth sessions transforms your photos into black and white. Especially with birth photography, it helps draw out the raw emotions of the day. That being said, I will include some color images more than likely, especially if requested.

6.     What if I have a C-section?

Check with your doctor about this. Some allow photographers to be there, but often times, we are not allowed in the OR. If this is the case, we will still be there to capture this precious event from the first moment we’re able to be in the room with you.

7.     What if my birth is super long?

My session fee offers unlimited coverage. I know that births don’t go exactly on schedule and sometimes they last a LONG time. But I’ll be there! I may require a food and bathroom break here or there, but will make sure it is not during any time that will need to be photographed.

8.     What if I go into labor in the middle of the night – like 3am3 a.m.? Will you still come?

Yes, I am on -call for you and will show up no matter what time it is.

9.     Will I meet you before the day of the birth?

 Absolutely! I would never want you to feel like there is a stranger in the room with you on the day of your birth. We can get together for a pre-birth consult so you can get to know me before the big day.

10.  Do I need to check with my doctor to be sure they allow a photographer to be there?

 Yes, definitely. You will need to check with your doctor to ensure that I’ll be allowed to be there documenting the event. Most doctors are okay with it, but some hospitals and doctors have rules against it. It’s your responsibility to check with them to get their consent. We’d rather be safe than sorry.

11.  What if you are sick or cannot otherwise make it to the birth?

 Although I will not be in direct contact with the baby, if I am sick, I don’t want any chance of spreading germs to you or your family, so I will call in my backup to be there. I have a network of photographers and they are all qualified to fill in for me. I’ll personally take care of the post processing to ensure that you get the photos that you booked me for. If for some odd reason no backups are able to come you will have the choice of a refund or replace with a fresh 48 session. If I’m not sick, but feel like I might even have a sniffle, I can wear a surgical mask upon arriving and for the duration of the day.

12.  How much does it cost for birth photography and do you offer payment plans?

The session fee is $500 and yes, we offer payment plans upon request!

13.  When will you show up for the birth?

Make sure to call me as soon as you go into labor. I’ll check in with you and typically start heading toward the hospital around the time you hit 5/6 cm. I and will be there for the duration of the birth.

14.  How long do you stay after the baby is born?

I’ll stay for 1 hour after the birth which may include all of the first exams and the bath, then grab some photos of your family together and meeting your little one for the first time.

15.  Are you going to post my photos on the Internet?

 Due to the nature of the session, we can discuss the privacy level you’d prefer. We will not post anything unless it is approved by you, and we do not have to post anything at all if that’s your wish.

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