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My passion is making sure the most memorable moments in life are stood still in time through portraits; from the glow of pregnancy, the sweet wrinkles of newborns, and the unforgettable moment when you get to meet your sweet baby for the first time! 

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At Pixel Prestige we aim to make your life easy when it comes to portraits. We know time is the most valuable luxury people want. So we make booking and your session as quick and easy as possible.

We are located in Maryville, Tennessee. We also service East Tennessee.

(We entered a photo contest for the first time ever and out of 39,479 portraits entered into the newborn category ours placed in 75th place!! Then to top it off we also placed in the top 20th and 30th of the newborn and babies/toddlers categories! A total of 583,150 portraits were entered into this competition!)

We are a member of The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, Professional Photographers of America, and The Professional Photographers of East Tennessee.

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Hi my name is Cindy and I’m the one behind the camera!

Growing up I loved when my Grandfather would visit, he lived out of state. I remember he would take us to get sundaes and that was the highlight of my early childhood! He was a Marine and an Army veteran (funny story, he signed up with Marine’s and got drafted into the Army later) who served in multiple wars. To say I am proud to be his Granddaughter is an understatement. One of my favorite portraits ever is of him in his Marine attire. Words can’t express how glad I am that I have portraits of him now that he is no longer here.

When I met my husband I learned that his mother, Donna, had passed away from cancer when he was only 18. The day I gave birth to our first child it really hit home to me that she will never get the chance to meet her first Grandchild. As my son grew older I became pregnant with our first daughter. As she grew older I began to wonder if she had any traits from Donna. I had no way of telling except through portraits my husband had. The only problem was he only had portraits of her from when she was an adult. So he contacted his Grandmother and found out she had a bunch of when Donna was younger! She was so kind and mailed us some of Donna’s childhood portraits and I couldn’t have been happier! I now have portraits to compare and see if any of her traits were passed down.

These are a few of the reasons why I am so passionate about printing your portraits. Imagine if they only had digital portraits and those digital portraits had corrupted. I believe important memories should have a print and a digital copy to help ensure that they last for generations.


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